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What Happens When You Don’t Close Your Pool?

November 29, 2017 0 Comments

Pool closing in winter.

Every pool owner knows that they’re are a lot of work. After a long week the last thing that many of us want to do is spend hours cleaning and closing our pools.

What if this year you choose not to close your pool? Is winter pool maintenance enough to keep your pool running during the colder months? Every pool owner has had that thought run across their mind at least once while digging leaves out of their pool on a cold fall day, but what would the actual consequences be?

Across Canada, not closing a pool properly happens more often than you might think. Some people forget or are caught up in more urgent matters, while others are simply unable to close their pools due to new circumstances. Whether it’s out of necessity or not, don’t make the bold (and pricey) decision to try to keep your pool open in the winter. You’ll find yourself with more work and more expenses down the road. Here’s why:

Running costs

Some people make a conscious decision to leave their pool open in the winter. There is nothing like a dip into a warm pool on a cool winter day, but that unique experience comes with a big price tag. You will have to run your pump and heater almost 24/7 to prevent the water from freezing. Even if you just opt to keep your pool open until the mercury drops below freezing, you will have to run your heater at capacity  in order to maintain an enjoyable temperature. Expect a big bill at the end of the month from your utilities company.

Cracks form and grow

Swimming  pools are covered by a pool liner, which separates the water from the concrete pool foundation. Without this liner water can seep out and begin to cause serious damage. One of the most important parts of closing any pool is the inspection. Without closing and inspecting your pool, you run the risk of missing small cracks and damage that can quickly grow into a serious (and expensive) problem.

Worse, once the weather dips below freezing, ice will form and quickly expand existing cracks in your liner and foundation. Even if your pool liner is in flawless condition it won't last with ice expanding, shrinking, and grinding across the surface all winter long.

Algae (and worse)

Unless you keep your unused pool chlorinated you can expect to find an algae infestation, not to mention a toxic sludge of rotting leaves, bugs, unlucky mice and rodents, and other organic matter festering in your pool.

Serious plumbing damage

In addition to your pool lining expect serious damage to your pipes, pump, heater, and filter. As water freezes it will expand causing cracks and other potentially irreparable damage to virtually all of your vital plumbing. Furthermore,  you’ll get additional damage to your pool deck, and in the most severe cases even to surrounding structures if water leaks out from the foundation of your pool.

Don't risk it!

If you don't want to close your pool then you either need to winterize your pool (not an easy task in Canada) or simply ensure you properly close your pool by a professional at the end of the summer season. Hiring a company to close your pool is more affordable than dealing with the alternative – costly repairs! Contact Total Pro Pools for your pool closing needs in the Niagara region and Southern Ontario locations.

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