New Niagara Pool Liners

Total Pro Pools offers exceptional pool liner services throughout the Niagara region, including: Grimsby, Stoney Creek, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Fonthill, Welland, and St. Catharines. We will inspect your liner and determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Our professionals will measure your pool and expertly install a new liner. See our New Liner Options Below:

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Transform your pool with a new pool liner

Looking for pool liners in the Niagara Region? Total Pro Pools has you covered. Pool liners are one of the best ways to ensure that your pool always looks as great as possible, whether you are improving your existing pool or installing a new one. Pool liners are perfect for both commercial and residential pools of all sizes.

Pool liner strength

Pool liner strength is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when shopping for pool liners. A good pool liner should be able to withstand a lot of use, exposure to UV rays, and extreme changes in temperature.

Pool liner maintenance

Pool liners are the first line of defence for your pool. Maintaining a pool liner will keep the underlying pool safe from water leakage, dents, and other forms of damage that can quickly spread and require more serious (and expensive) repairs. If you have a rip or tear in your liner you may not have to replace it – sometimes you can patch the area. If you have any concerns, then have a professional take a look at your pool lining. 

The aesthetic appeal of pool liners

If you own a residential pool, then it is likely the centerpiece of your back yard. Everything is planned around it, and most of your backyard summer days are spent swimming or lounging beside the pool. Visually your pool is also the focal point of your backyard.

Pools are long term investments, and over the five, 10, 15 or 20 years since your pool was installed you may not have noticed that the pool liner has begun to fade (due to UV, chlorine and other chemicals) and rip. But if you compared your pool liner now to what it originally was then you would notice the difference immediately. 

Replacing your pool liner is not just an important step in pool maintenance which will extend the life of your pool, it is also a major aesthetic decision. Fresh, inviting pool liners can turn a dreary, faded looking pool into a sparkling blue oasis.  
Pool liners come in a wide array of styles and colours, giving you a lot of creative freedom. Some pool companies only offer a limited variety of pool liners, but the best companies have dozens or more. 

When to replace pool liners

A quality pool liner should last well over 10 years, however you still may need to replace your pool liner during that time if you notice the following issues:

  1. Cracks: if your pool liner is cracked or torn then it will be leaking water which could affect the structural integrity of your pool, of the surrounding landscape and of any nearby buildings. If the water level drops by more than an inch over a few days you probably have a leak.
  2. Fading or stains: fading from UV light and chemicals is normal over time, but still unsightly. Stains from algae, chemicals, or rust are good reasons to replace your pool liner. Also, consider that fading in your liner may lead to cracks and bigger problems down the road.
  3. Wrinkles and stretching: liners may stretch over time and should be replaced if there are wrinkles or other signs of stretching. 

Contact Total Pro Pools for pool liners in the Niagara Region. We have a wide array of colours and designs to choose from.