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5 Common Pool Opening Issues to Watch Out For

May 25, 2017 0 Comments

Pool Opening

Pool opening season is finally here! Thousands of pools are awakening from their winter hibernation, and for the most part, many people won’t experience issues and will be able to start diving in no time. For others... they might not be fortunate swimmers. Pool openings are typically the time where common pool issues are detected. The good thing is, the earlier you detect these issues, the earlier you can get them fixed and start enjoying your pool!

While most pool owners may already know the ins and outs of pool maintenance, especially if they’ve owned a pool for many years, it’s still recommended that you have a professional pool service for your pool opening and closing each year. It’ll save you the time and effort of doing the “not-so-fun” tasks that comes with owning a pool. A professional can take care of any pool troubles as soon as they are detected. Why do difficult work, when you can sit back and let someone else take the reigns for a change? Pools are a luxury; one you shouldn’t have to labour over.

So, what are some difficult pool troubles that may arise? Here are 5 common pool opening issues to watch out for when it’s time to open your pool:

  1. Water Leaks

Pool leaks can happen anywhere, from holes in the liner, underground lines, underground fittings or connections, cracked face plates, torn gaskets, walk-in steps, main drains, light niches, and backwash line leaks.

If you are losing more water in the pool than from evaporation, there are many serious problems that can happen, such as the loss of water underneath your pool cover can require a new pool liner. If your water leaks down far enough, the liner will shrink with no water in the shallow end of the pool.

  1. Murky or Cloudy Water

For the most part, this could mean that the pool filter is just not working at it’s fullest capacity or is not big enough. Your pool professional can test the water and inspect the filter in order to recommend an appropriate solution to get your pool water clear and sparkly.

  1. Stains

Seeing stains on the steps or on the pool liner, where leaves or worms may have been trapped under the cover over the winter is common. Your pool professional is equipped with the tools to thoroughly remove these stains without damaging the liner.

  1. Pool Algae

Nobody likes green gunk in the pool. Your pool professional can perform an algae treatment to get rid of the algae accumulation during your pool opening.

  1. Air Leaks

Air leaks happen when your pump is drawing in air, filling up the filter tank, or perhaps discharging air bubbles into the pool. You’ll want to have this issue inspected and repaired as soon as possible to avoid any extensive damage to the air pump. In most cases, it’s the pump lid that is not tightened securely.

You won’t have to stress about any of these issues when you book your pool opening with a professional pool service technician at Total Pro Pools. They specialize in pool openings, closing, maintenance, cleaning, and repairs in the Niagara region. The beginning of pool season is a busy time of the year, it’s best to call ahead and reserve your appointment today! Choose Total Pro Pools for all of your pool maintenance needs.

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