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Enjoy Every Moment With Your Pool – Get Professional Pool Cleaning & Maintenance in Niagara

October 12, 2016 0 Comments

Owning a pool has a lot of upsides: morning swims, relaxing after a long hard day and cooling off in the summer heat. Of course, there are also some downsides (like neighbours trying to find ways to invite themselves over), but the number-one complaint of pool owners is pool maintenance.

But what if you didn’t have to maintain your pool? What if someone else could do it for you? Imagine enjoying all the benefits of owning a pool without the hassle of cleaning and maintaining it.

Professional Pool Maintenance – Niagara Region

Keeping your pool clean and well-maintained is vital for ensuring swimmers are safe and having fun. Professional pool maintenance can help you keep on top of your pool’s cleaning and hardware without taking a huge chunk out of your busy schedule.


  • • Balanced Chemicals.
    Balancing your pools chemicals is one of the most important aspects of pool maintenance. Properly balanced chemicals will prevent cloudy water, algae and bacteria growth, mineral build-up and corrosion. Professionals know how to balance chemicals perfectly every time, including shocking your pool and taking care of it when you are away.

  • • Clean Debris.
    Debris can damage your pool equipment and pool lining. Sticks, rocks and even broken glass routinely make their way into pools. Removing debris as soon as possible is important, but not everyone has time to check his or her pool daily. Removing floating organic matter like leaves or grass through surface skimming will prevent further algae or bacteria growth.

  • • Clean Pool Deck.
    A slick pool deck is incredibly dangerous. Algae can grow inside and outside of your pool, making both slippery. Sweeping, scrubbing and spraying your pool deck will prevent algae from growing. Any debris on your pool deck is also likely to eventually end up in your pool. Keeping it swept clear is an important preventative measure that the pros can take care of for you.

  • • Pool Hardware.
    Keeping the pool equipment clean, backwashing your pool plumbing and cleaning pool skimmers are important but often neglected tasks because most homeowners don’t have time.

Repairs and Pool Hardware Maintenance

Pools are more complex than they used to be. It takes more than just a mechanically inclined pool owner with a good sense of intuition to maintain pool equipment. It requires real knowledge and expertise, which you can only get with professional pool maintenance.

Professional pool maintenance will help you with:

  • • Plumbing repairs
  • • Heater repairs
  • • Valve repairs or replacement
  • • Upgrading or fixing lights and fountains
  • • Ensuring your slide or diving board remains securely installed
  • • General pool hardware cleaning, inspection and maintenance

Opening and Closing Your Pool

One of the most time-consuming tasks faced by any pool owner is opening and closing the pool every year. Pool maintenance — in the Niagara region in particular — is affected by the changing seasons. In warmer climates that go from hot to warm and back to hot, the changing seasons don’t make a huge difference. But in the Niagara region — which is home to cold winters, nippy falls, hot summers and wet springs —opening and closing your pool properly is very important for avoiding damage, so put your pool in the safe hands of a professional throughout the year.

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